Turramurra has had a strong band program for more than 40 years with over 120 students participating per year. There are 4 bands for 2024 - 3 concert bands and a jazz band. 

Band Information Booklet - the same information as below, but in a downloadable format.

About The Bands

The Band is open to all students from year 3, of course students are more than welcome to join in years 4-6.

The band programme is an extra-curricular activity funded by fees, paid yearly.

Fees are kept as low as possible, and we pay the Band Director for rehearsal and performance times, and other expenses such as purchasing new music and entry into competitions and festivals.

Instrument hire fees go towards repairing and replacing instruments. The percussion usage fee helps to maintain/service current percussion equipment and purchase new instruments and accessories.

Rehearsal Times 

Rehearsal Times for 2024

Morning rehearsals - 7:50-8:50am
Afternoon rehearsals - 3:15-4:15pm

Junior Concert Band

Monday morning & Tuesday afternoon
(until band camp, brass only attend Monday morning, woodwind only attend Tuesday afternoon. Bass Guitar & Percussion please check which rehearsal to attend)

Intermediate Concert Band

Tuesday morning & Thursday afternoon

Performance Band

Monday afternoon & Thursday morning

Jazz Band

Wednesday morning

The Benefits

As a result of the program, your children will learn to play a musical instrument to a high standard. They will have a greater appreciation of music of different styles and of what is involved in a musical presentation. They will never be merely spectators. If they choose to continue their involvement, they will be able to form immediate associations with people anywhere in the world.

As band members, your children will become an integral part of a social group brought together to pursue a worthwhile common aim, the success of which requires every member to do their personal best.

They will develop positive friendships and associations.

They will develop the self-discipline and commitment necessary to succeed in all other areas of endeavour. Statistics show that children who participate in similar program tend to succeed in other areas of the curriculum. The skills they learn as part of the program are applicable to all other areas. The self-esteem they gain from success gives them confidence to improve other areas of study.

What the Band will provide

Professional direction

Experience has shown that school bands are much more likely to succeed where professional and experienced direction is provided. We are extremely fortunate to have the services of Tim Rowland in this capacity. We also have a group of excellent tutors, for private lessons, most of whom give lessons within the school grounds.

An instrument

The Band will provide an instrument for hire for the first year, which your child is expected to treat with due care. After 12 months parents are expected to provide an instrument except in the case of the more expensive instruments such as the Tuba, Euphonium and French Horn. Those allocated Tenor Saxophone must provide their own after two years. The exception to this is percussion/drums - it is not possible for the band program to hire out drum kits, so students would be expected to purchase or hire externally.

Instruments usually available to play in band include: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone (Alto and Tenor), Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Bass Guitar and Percussion (includes drum kit, auxiliary percussion & optional glockenspiel). Older students may be given to opportunity to play Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone or Piccolo.


Junior Band members begin with a band folder for which they are charged. All band music is provided. Lost practice copies will incur a replacement fee of 50c per page. 

How the Instrument is Selected

In choosing the instruments for the children, we are aiming to ensure two things:

The children are asked to express 3 preferences. Alto & Tenor Saxophone are NOT regarded as separate choices. Percussion includes all percussion instruments, including auxiliary percussion and optional glockenspiel – not just drum kit. Percussion players will not necessarily perform on drum kit in concerts or competitions. Guidance will be provided when choosing instruments. Although every effort will be made to oblige first preferences, it may be necessary to move to second or even third choices. All children must be prepared to accept the instrument that is allocated if it is one of their three preferences. You will be contacted if it appears necessary to allocate your third preference. It is generally not possible to change instruments after the first year, there are limited instruments to offer each year and this will affect the balance of the bands in years to come. Also as the child has to repeat Junior Band, they often become bored and don’t continue.

Band Responsibilities

Attending rehearsals

Regular rehearsals are scheduled for each band. All band members are expected to attend regularly and arrive punctually.

Initially the Junior Band is divided into 2 groups: woodwind and brass with each group having 1 rehearsal per week. At Band Camp the two groups come together and from then on will rehearse twice a week. The other Concert Bands have 2 rehearsals throughout the year. The Stage Band is entered by audition for students in years 5 and 6, and have 1 band rehearsal each week. Students must belong to a Concert Band to be able to join the Stage Band.

Each rehearsal is approximately 1 hour. Morning rehearsals are 7:50 until 8:50, and afternoon rehearsals are 3:15 until 4:15.


It is a requirement of band membership that band members have weekly tuition throughout their period with the Band. Band members only continue to progress at the same level as their peers with competent tuition. The Band Director does not have time to attend to individual difficulties during rehearsals.

The committee will provide a list of reputable tutors, many of whom conduct tutorials at the school.
Children must sit and wait quietly for their lessons and for not more than 10 minutes.

If you prefer to use someone not on the Recommended Tutor List the TPS Band committee insists that you address the following criteria:


As much notice as possible will be given for all Band performances. All members are expected to attend each performance. If non-attendance is unavoidable the Band Director must be notified, in writing, as soon as possible. The Band Director has the discretion to exclude children from performances because of 1) unacceptable behaviour, 2) inability to play performance pieces at an acceptable standard because of poor rehearsal attendance or lack of practice, or 3) inappropriate dress for a public performance. The Junior Band has in past years played at Band Festivals, Nursing Homes and school assemblies, as well as the family concert at the conclusion of the annual Band Camp.

Instrument care

Instructions on instrument care are provided. If in doubt, ask for help. Please don’t try to fix instruments yourself. Any repairs undertaken without approval of the band committee are at the expense of the hirer.


As with any other school activity, all Band Members are expected to behave in a cooperative and sensible way. Continuing membership depends on children maintaining a satisfactory standard of behaviour at all times. Parents helping with Band activities are to be accorded the same authority and respect as teachers.


Each child will be required to complete a practice diary, to be completed each week by a parent/guardian, this will be checked by Mr Rowland. For Junior Band, a minimum of 15-20 minutes practice should be done each day, including both band and tutorial pieces. Children who fail to do sufficient practice will not be able to continue in the Band Program. The format of the practice diary will be announced at the beginning of the year.

Band camp

Is probably the most beneficial 2½ days in your child’s band experience each year, and should not be considered optional. It starts on Friday after lunch at school, finishing in the early evening after which the children are taken home. They arrive at camp on Saturday morning and attend a well organised balance of band rehearsals, group tutorials and recreation activities before performing for the parents at a concert early Sunday afternoon.

A parent roster provides supervision, and each family is expected to assist in some way.

It is at Band Camp that Junior Band plays together for the first time, and the Sunday afternoon concert is one of their proudest moments.

Our next camp will be held at Galston Gorge Crusaders Camp, with the camp dates being Friday 8th to Sunday 10 th of March 2024.

Band uniform

To be worn when requested (mostly for performances outside school).

Both boys and girls:

Estimated Fees

Estimated fees for 2024 (subject to change)

Accounts are sent in term 2, to be paid in full by the end of May (to be eligible for the $10 discount), or to be paid in two installments in May and August. Payment for Band Camp is required in term 1. One month is given as period for payment. Please pay accounts promptly to minimise the workload of our treasurer.

Failure to pay fees by the end of each semester will result in the child/children being asked to leave the band, unless previous arrangements have been made.

Concert band fee

$290-320/year – $10 discount if paid in full by the end of May.

Jazz band fee


Instrument hire fee


Percussion usage fee (all percussion students years 3-6)


Band camp

$320-350 approx.

Fee Assistance – families experiencing financial difficulties may apply for a one-off exemption of one child’s fees for one semester. Applications for assistance are to be made through the band committee.

Families can also pay in installments if arranged with the treasurer.

Each family pays their tutor separately. Individual prices vary but are generally around $35-45+ per lesson (half an hour). The children may also need a tutorial book and other music for use in their private lessons. 


The Band Program runs as successfully as it does due to the work done by the Band Sub-committee, if you can assist in any way it will be most appreciated. Our AGM is held each year late in term 4. Notification will be in the School newsletter. Band information is distributed to parents predominantly by email, as well as individual notes or via the School newsletter.