About Us

The P&C meets once a term in the Library. Check the newsletter for exact dates. If you would like an item included on the Agenda, please contact secretary@tps-pandc.org.au

P&C - Introduction

Our P&C is a group of interested people that works to bring the school and the TPS community into close cooperation and supports the quality education of our children.

Parent volunteers are elected to act as an Executive Committee; however the real strength of the P&C comes from the ideas, effort and energy of all the parents who make up the membership.

The P&C’s objectives are to:

The achievement of these objectives is underpinned by fundraising throughout the year. Various events and activities are co-ordinated by the P&C and run by volunteers.


Membership of the P&C is open to everyone – parents, caregivers, grandparents, teachers, and the community generally. Joining allows you to vote in initiatives that help improve our school. To join, simply attend a P&C meeting and pay a membership fee ($1) to the bank account: 

Turramurra Public School P&C

BSB: 633 000

Acct: 165803735

Reference: Your name

Your membership will be effective from the following meeting. 

Please add your contact details in the form here: 



Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend meetings. They are informal, friendly, and a great way to find out what is happening at school. No one is pressured to do anything at meetings - feel free to just sit and listen. If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like to know what was discussed, you can read the minutes on the TPS website.

About meetings:

What do we do with the funds we raise for the school?

The P&C raises money to finance a range of projects and programs and is subject to rules as to how money is raised, applied and accounted for. These rules are contained in the Constitution and the School Manual on Financial Management.

Requests for expenditure are considered for their support of the School’s objectives. We regularly  carry out strategic planning exercises to determine projects to focus on over the short, medium and longer term. This typically involves:

Here are just some of the initiatives funded in recent years by the P&C:

The P&C Voluntary Contribution

The current Government contribution to the school does not cover all the support needed to ensure the best education possible for our children. Parents are therefore asked to help close the gap through the Voluntary P&C Contribution. This is the main source of income for the P&C (used for a range of projects as voted for by members). A request is sent home early in each school year explaining how these contributions are used.

Class Parents

At the start of each year, two volunteers from each class take on the role of ‘Class Parents’. Class Parents act as liaison between teachers and parents and help to ensure the smooth running of events at the school.


Every year, the P&C oversees the running of a wide variety of events at TPS. Some are fundraisers, others are designed to bring the TPS community together, and some aim to achieve both of these goals. Events are allocated to each year group.

Each school Year (eg Year 4) is assigned to an event (or events), with the parents of the children in that Year responsible for organising the event. The Class Parents play an important coordination role.

In a typical year, events include:

Parent volunteers are always needed, and there are myriad ways of helping out. You may:

We always are looking for volunteers also to help out in the Canteen and the Uniform Shop - you can easily sign up for a shift that suits you here:

Canteen Helpers

Uniform Shop Helpers

You will find participating at TPS to be rewarding and fun. It’s great to be able to express support for your child’s education by being actively involved and actually see some results for your efforts. Keep an eye on the school newsletter for requests for volunteers, or contact the P&C.